1993 Mercury Sable Questions

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1993 mercury sable LS gas indicator is off I fill it up all the way and by the halfway mark its empty. Is this an cheap or expensive fix? Also, same price questions for adding carseat anchors to this model and year with carseat kits in my possession.
Car cranks won't start.A short in power wire from BCM ....
Overheating at any speed, heater blows hot for a short time then cold. No noticeable loss of coolant. Thermostat was replaced one year ago. Burning oil smell after driving. Parked now.
have to put car in neutral to prevent stalling at lights
This car starts easily, idles smooth, runs, drives, after it warms up the oil light and the check engine light comes on and a sudden loss of power ,acceleration after a stop to get any speed is very difficult ? This happens every time I try to drive it ..
Year: 1993
Make: Mercury
Model: Sable
Trim: LS Premium
Body: Sedan
Mileage: 99,325
Transmission: Automanual
Liters: 3.8L
Cylinders: 6
Thank You for you help and input..

Cost to have a new radiator installed
Keeps blowing the spark plug out
Dealer said that they cannot find any error codes. He does not know what is causing it.
I can shut my trunk and yank on it with all my might and it won't open. But after a few miles or a hard bump and it flings open. I disconnected the trunk release but it did not solve the problem. Do I need to replace the entire assembly, can it be adjusted, or should I just weld it shut?!?
This car has a previous owner who did not take good care of it. I got an estimate from a shop in town for $2801 for total repairs. The one thing that I really need fixed is the ignition. I do not know exactly which part of the ignition is bad, it stalled out twice so far and would not turn over or make any sounds while trying to turn the vehicle on. There was no clicking or anything. The battery is working fine and other parts have recently been replaced. Is this a problem with my ignition lock cylinder or could it be a different part?
The brake fluid is full. The anti lock light at times is off for a lengthy drive and then when lightly braking I hear a fart-like groan and the light pops on. The brakes operate perfectly for any kind of stop. Cold damp weather seems best for the problem. I ve heard about the possibility of air in the lines. How is that checked and solved ?? My mechanic says that its not unsafe.(The antilock pump replacement would be too costly a fix for me and I have an inspection coming up by the end of July)
Please help!!
I flushed the radiator coolant, i replaced the thermostat, i checked for leaks, i checked the water pump and radiator are good and running. Why does it still overheat????!?!?
headlights come on, but dash lights and tail lights don't. Brake lights and turn signals work fine.
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