2000 Mercury Mystique Questions

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Need to be replaced having problems with fan not turning off po118 issues smell of gas fumes. Ect.
no ]effect still same problem, any solutions ...please help !!!!!!!!!!
There was a fire in the locks &windows burned to fuse box have no speedometer connection
Get dash lights, alarm but won't start. Have to wiggle key in order to get back dah lights and alarm
Brand new battery and alternator.

Car will start, but slowly idles down until it shuts off completely. A friend who replaced the alternator thought it could be the electronic throttle? Said something about it being "gummed up", that it might need a cleaning. Does anyone have any ideas of why a car would start but not stay running? It seems like it would stay running if I constantly was revving on the gas, but if it's allowed to just sit and idle, it eventually shuts off. Yes, there is gas in it. ;o)

Car would start when I sprayed starting fluid but wouldn't stay running. Checked the fuel pump relay and seemed fine and also turned car over with fuel lines disconnected from filter and no spray. The car was running with no problems prior. Could there be any other things to check besides things to do with fuel pump. Also checked fuses and reset button behind left driver panel. Thanks for any advice anyone gives.
Starting at. Fuel line connector, one end of hose connects to fuel filter, now what's the name of the part other end connects too? Thanks,
The car jerks when the rpms go back down. Computer says erg valve or transmission range censor is bad which is it? How do I fix it.
shop said it was the fuel pump i replaced it and still wont start what could be the problem
abs and brake warning light come on, and there is interference on radio, all stops after a while
Cost for replacing K80389 and 4-wheel alignment
Front end is vibrating pulling to the right at 30 mph and above.
We replace head gasket and the head warp. We fix all that now it wont start. It cranks but sometime its hard to start.
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