1999 Mercury Mystique Questions

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I never use speed control so I dont think thats it. Could it be what controlls gas flow or idle air by pass valve in 1999 car. When first cranked drove sluggish.

If you just attach sensors will a car still run

I have a 1999 Mercury mystique, it has a very hard to start if it starts it stalls if I am able to keep it running, there is no check engine light noted lights on in the dash, as soon as the thermostat starts to move the engine fan turns on feels like it stays open loop, and no check engine light help me please?

From idle to about 2800 RPM's the 4 cyl has almost no power or torque. Once it gets above 2800 RPM's it runs very impressively.

The remote that locks and unlocks doors does not work. The door mounted power door locks also does not work. Replaced the fuse And the batteries in the remote it still wont work to open doors or trunk.

I've worn out 2 sets of tires on the insides while the outsides don't look worn at all in 10,000 miles.

I am trying to replace my drivers side lower control arm hut cannot access the bolt because the transmission/engine is in the way. I looked at the front motor mount and the nut is oddly shaped. I would like to know what special tool I need; a way to get the motor mount off; or if there's another way to remove my lower control arm!?

Tried priming. Fuelpump is working. Car is turning over but won't start