1998 Mercury Mystique Questions

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the button on the shifter seems to be stuck, or non functional do you think thats my only problem, or something more
i am trying to find the ignition control module.
2.5L V6,auto trans, LS
I installed a new ignition, key & tumbler. I then took the vehicle to the ford garage and tried to have them flash computer. It wouldn't flash, they said I needed a wireless control module and I have found that this item has bee discontinued. The vehicle does not start at all now.
trans. will seem to slip or go into neutral when going into reverse. but only at time. not all the time.could this be electrical? I had a serpentine belt put on a few months ago and they had to lower the motor.could they have pulled something loose? it seemed to work fine before they worked on it.
can't find the hi- amp alternator fuse
I had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting someone and now my front left wheel has metal shavings in it and it makes a horrible grinding noise when I break. Is the rotor the issue here? Will replacing them fix the problem? And, what else should I look out for that could have been damaged?
car doesnt start with grinding noise sprayed wd40 on coil
why would battery light be on at idle just replaced alt still dosent work battery tested good but light goes off when throttle engaged
I need to know where the idle air control valve is located at in the engine compartment. Thank you.
shifts to overdrive on its own without pushing overdrive button on gearshift
To whom it may concern;

The drivers side window on my 98 Mercury Mystique rolls down half and inch only. It sounds like it is getting stuck on something. I removed the panel and the motor is attached to a cable system that I am not familiar with. How do I go about removing the cable system, motor, etc... is there a break down illustration that you could send me or anything that you have to show me will be greatly appreciated!!! thankyou in advance!

cost to replace muffler
i want to know what other vehicles engines will fit in my car
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