1998 Mercury Mystique Questions

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Car has been sitting for 5 years or so. I drained tank, filled with new gas & changed filter. Fuse, inertia switch, & relay are good. Car starts while spraying starting fluid into air intake. Checked fuel pump wires; no power when ignition is on; but it does get power when I remove relay & jump 2 large relay contacts, but no pressure at rail. Any ideas?
i changed thermostat it runs hot and heater not working it worked before i flushed the heater core lines
Getting fuel to the injectors ok checked the line.
1998 Mercury Mystique. This car will stall when hot outside, and especially when it is hot outside and the A.C. is on. What can this be?
I removed the caliper and the rotor should come off. I did all the lubing to see if rust was the problem. Is there a trick to take off the center large nut? most cars you just slide rotor over and off.
this has happened about 6 times over a period of 12 months.
when I try to start the car it sounds like it wants to start but won't kick over. After awhile I have always been able get it started. what could be the problem?
I have a '98 Mercury Mystique and my erg valves are letting in too much air. Went to 1 auto repair place & they told me $900 to replace the valves plus cleaning & apparently dinkin around doing other things.
The erg part only cost $50 from Autozone, so I can't imagine to replace them is indefinitely a $900 job???
Does anyone have any insight on how much this replacement should actually cost?
Just had a new fuel pump replaced was fine but as soon as I changed oil the check engine light came on and stayed seems like it always comes back on when
I change oil
Not on all the time/steady, but random blinking - light typically goes off when I come to a stop. Breaks feel normal when using them, fluid is fine - car has 122K miles. Should note that radio and interior lights stopped working about 3 weeks ago. Guys at Tuffy say that is an electrical problem since fuses appear fine.
Have a damaged line, and want to replace them all, but cant find the specs anywhere online...
I have a 1995 ford murcury mystique 4 cylinder 2.O - I change the fuel pump fuel filter but still have no fuel pressure and have check with a noid light to fuel injectors and have no injector pulse. what can I do
complete recharge after vac. system
won't picked up speed
I unhooked the vacuume connector to the switch and traced the hoses. four of them go to two silver canisters under the dash another one goes into the dash and I lost it. I assume that one of these hoses has to go to the engine to provide the vacuume to the switch. I don't hear any air/ vacuume from the hoses at the connector with the engine running. How can I find out where the vacuume hose from the engine is located? Is there a diagram available to trace the hoses?
The mechanic said this is difficult to get to and, therefore, quoted $800 for each repair. This sounds high and I wondered if we could DIY. Not experts by any means but have worked on cars. What do you think of the estimate and cost? And, since this is an issue with these cars, why did Mercury not recall them?
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