1998 Mercury Mystique Questions

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I was replacing my radio in my 98 mercury Mystique it worked now it doesn't an now the key fobs won't work too, to add the car won't go into program mode. I still can turn car over and still drive.
How long have you had this problem? A day or so
It seems as if something is blowing the regulator in the alternator. Any suggestions I've tried every thing I can think of. Please help
I have never heard of this before , she ended up hitting a guardrail when the wheel locked up . The damage can be fixed but not sure if I should fix the car if I can't figure out why the steering wheel locks up . It happened 3 times already the last time she hit the rail
I had broken the key inside the tumbler but was twisted so I couldn't get it out, I bought and replaced the cylinder but now the new keys will not come out of the tumbler/cylinder. and can not move gear shift out of park
this has been happening since the car was almost new. Love the car, like new but for these darned lights.
Replaced the thermostat and checked the vacuum valve above the gas pedal. It seems to be working, but still no heat?
Out of nowhere, our A/C stopped working in our Mystique. Did some testing and then some research online and came up with replacing the blower motor. Did that and it's still not working. What else could it be? A/C & heat not working at all, no problems before today and the car has only been driven on highway the day before. Tested switch & power & they were fine.
Car overheats in minutes, doesn't blow white smoke or lose any anti-freeze. Replaced thermostat, radiator cap, water pump and flushed radiator. Radiator stays cold and system doesn't pressurize
Replaced fuel filter,air filter,M.A.S.,pcv filter in air box,cleaned idle control valve,new computer with update flash(car acts the same with no check engine light),change oil and with proper oil filter,recharged air conditioning system,flushed transmission and transmission cooler. Checked transmission selector switch,seemed to be in proper possition but indicator lights at shifter give duplicate readings.
Runs weird and even weirder with accessories on fluctuating idle but can be revved to over rev rpms and can get over over rev rpms in first gear with a running start but can't pull hills or accelerate off the line have to gradually get momentum, Tried idle reset procederures from Haynes manual,this Mystique is a mystery Sears found no error codes and neither did Ford dealership.
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