1995 Mercury Mystique Questions

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I replaced the vss beacause my car was skipping and jumping around the car only has around 43000 miles on it so the trany wasn't the problem so my next guess was the vss I replaced it and now my speedometer will not work
I have already replaced the thermostat, and it does open. I can feel the radiator hose getting hot water, but the radiator remains cold, even when the engine temp gauge is pinned and there is coolant boiling in the engine. I don't want to have to do one then the other if possible.
how many hours does it take to replace a complete engine harness
1995 Mercury Mystique
I just bought this car it runs perfectly has 113k miles on it and is in excellent shape. When i try to stop it want stop at all. What do i need to do and where do i start with this problem.
There is plenty of oil by the dipstick. I had just taken the car in to see why it was stalling out in traffic, and they said it was the idle speed control and needed throttle body service. As soon as I drove it away, it stalled twice in traffic within 10 minutes, plus now it has this alarming clack-clack-clack sound while driving and idling, and also the oil pressure light now stays on almost constantly (it didn't before the "repair")!
I can jumper the battery and turn it on but doest work.

i need to find the voltage regulator
replaced. I don't know if these are connected or not. What's going on?
check engine light on code says not shifting into 2 or 4 could it be something besides the transmisson
coolant light stays on temp gauge shoots up instantly, car has been checked by two different shops and they say they cant find anything wrong, car stalls at stop lights, smells hot but fluids all full. just had speedometer and cable replaced
blower motor will not come on. no power to the fan swith.
When the car is running if you turn the headlights on it shuts off and wont turn back on unless it sits awhile.
Does the engine have to be removed to replace head gaskets?
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