2008 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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Radiator/coolant/water pump/sensor all fine
Still in the red
A blue flashing light on by the drivers side vent started flashing. The light flashes continually while the car is running and when it is not running. There is nothing in the owners manual about it and I have searched the internet for the same thing and can't find what it is for.
Having trouble starting my car, I put the key in the ignition I turn it but the car won't start, everything else works, like the radio, the windows the air conditioning, but it just won't start?
Is it the transmission or the differential or drive Tran? How can I fix it thank you
when starting off from dead stop seams rpm revving up higher than speed of car. started 2 weeks ago. have had car for 2 years only does it when outside tempter is above 90 hot.
Where would I bring vehicle to a auto repair or a stero place to check the radio and CD player.
What's caused my headlight to blow?
my mercury keep loosing coolant, my mechanic changed the thermostat head. and still having the same issue.
drivers power seat will move to its exit position while driving my suv. It will go all the way back and makes it hard to control vechicle.
ibaci check fuse and its fine. How to reset sencer?
This has happened before the shop replaced my right wheel bearing and now its coming on again
It comes up to temp fine , has plenty of antifreeze and hose is hot on both ends.
the other vents are fine, they blow COLD a/c
Mountaineer has no transmission dip stick. At present it is a sealed system which requires a trip to Mercury to check the tans oil level!!
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