2007 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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My 2007 Mountaineer blows cold then warm. The unit has been purged and recharged with R134 and there are no leaks. It is not the compressor or the condenser or the blower.
I need to install factory radio & my factory harness has been cut
I had a bad ignition switch and after changing it I believe the pat system isn't reading my key
Hearing clicking at relay. No power at pin 86. Everything else good
Car will not drive...Brakes lock
Not hearing any noises I just want to be able to check my transmission fluid
No noises just pulls
My engine light on my 2007 Mercury Mountaineer came on so I did a diagnosis and it said it was my spark plugs but I just had my spark plugs done they're brand-new
How do I change the cabin filter ?
Why does my mountaineer turn off while its idling and will not start again
Took it to Auto Zone and they said it was the Thermostat. Even took to a dealer and they said same thing. Well we replace the upper and lower housing and reset light. After about 2 days of driving it was back. Took back to get hooked up and again said the Thermostat. We replaced it again all in about 2 months. What are we missing here? It also has a lil sputter when idling. We have changed spark plugs and wires, filters and oil. HELP PLEASE!
It is a 4.6 v8
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