2006 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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abs and traction light is staying on when this happens there is a jerking motion
I cannot see the time or the select radio stations. The whole panel is dark.
Battery died , jumped the car . DVD player would not work after power outage. Error message: Connect error -see dealer . can this be fixed ?
It said with those codes to check the ignition first but I am not sure what is meant by that. Thanks.
Was working an then it just stop coming on it told me I need wiper fluid an shut off an didn't illuminate anymore checked for fuses all were good
While driving lost vacuum or something because it would just crawl when accelerating on small grades.

Has full charge on battery, sounds like it wants to turn over. Just grinds and won't start.
is there a reset button or did I short circuit it?
This ford dealership is trying to charge me 160 for a diagnostic and I already had that done at another autobody for 80. And they're telling me that it will cost me 600 or better for an instrument cluster!I haven't had my vehicle for a year and a half yet and feel I'm being railroaded!
I recently had transission rebuilt for $1900 and its not making any outside noise, not breaks or front cv joint its coming from driver side rear tire, no winding or clinking/ticking is heard when turning from the outside and no warning of this.
It still runs hot do I need a fan cover
Had my mounty to a dealer and they said it was just "the nature of the beast" and that this was a big complaint but there was no fix for it. I can't seem to wrap my brain around that. It sometimes feels like someones hitting me from behind. Not sure if its brakes or tranny. But just had brakes all redone and its still doing it. Sometimes jerking me 6-8 inches forward. Scary to passengers and myself.
Wife had to have the car towed from work because it would not start. Her friend tried jumping it but still no luck. When I got home, I saw all the dash lights were on without the key in the ignition. When you turn the key, it dose not crank, click, nothing. Ignition fuse was blown, but I replaced that and the lights are still on. Could the ignition switch cause this to happen? There is also an aftermarket remote start system that we don't use/wasn't connected to battery. Was originally thinking that may be the problem, but don't want to pull all of that apart if it is not the cause.
and if there is a reacall on the transmission. Had to replace a couple of times in early because the car would lung forward.
Stereo turns on only on am and the cd player wont work and won't eject disks. Is there a way to reset the stereo or is it just all of a sudden bad. I don't want to replace because of the dvd player and other audio features.
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