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I am the owner of a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer I have the original door code I would like to know if I can change it to a different number
I get a cracking n grinding sound on turning during take off. Vehicle slows down, AWD n ADVTrac are disabled, lights stay on. I can drive normally till I shut off n restart engine. If I stop but not turn off engine, I can resume travel without any issue
I'm hearing like a squeaking sound when driving over bumps, or when turning the wheel left. Usually can be heard a lower speeds. Was wondering if its shocks, balls joints, etc.
Horn fuse location
Won't stay in place
What do i need to look for
Had an engine put in. It did ok. One day it wouldn't start. Replaced the fuel pump. Now it won't start and says failsafe mode. Unhooked the battery for 15 minutes to reset the computer. Still nothing.
There is a parasitic drain on the battery it draws over for amps for a few minutes then reduces to a few milliamps for a few minutes and back to a 4 amp draw does this on and off on and off back and forth tell the battery is dead I've pulled the fuses and found nothing
Then when I hit the gas it goes away
My powered windows are also not working. Have changed the fuse for the window
Book and videos say it's on the back side of driver side valve cover. There is a hose coming off there but it is coupled to a pipe.
When I put it into reverse, sometimes, a little wrench light comes on and a message that says, "Check transmission, engine in failsafe mode" comes up. But when I turn off and restart it is fine. Sometimes when I put in reverse it feels like it doesn't want to go.
I can turn the light off when the vehicle is in drive, but not when it's in reverse, & the sensors aren't working so it is off as it's showing, but I can't turn it back on, was working fine before having my Transmission replaced/rebuilt, sensors are clean, no damage, haven't hit anything, just won't let me turn the sensors from off to on while in reverse, like it should, usually when switching to reverse the light is off &stays off &the sensors work, &I could turn it off if need be but I never have, except when 1st trying it out, 102,000mi on vehicle, only have had it for 1&1/2years, &bought it with 92k mi on it, it's still under warranty from the dealership, at least for major parts like my transmission, 3y 36k mi warranty, no other lights are on, not having any other issues with anything, never had a vehicle with RSS or anything similar before so my knowledge on vehicles is a bit old fashion, this just started to do this today, haven't left my driveway, verified the sensors are indeed off & not detecting major obstacles, like our other vehicle we tried parking behind me, so it's not just that the light is on &showing the sensors are off while the sensors are still on, &the only issue that is mentioned in the owners manual in regard to the RSS system is about the light being on reading off &the sensors still on &detecting obstacles, instrument panel does not show any issues, codes, system check is fine, tho it doesnt check the sensors, any help is greatly appreciated
Switch is out- goes in and out of all wheel drive need it fixed
I have checked every fuse replace the panel the button panel and it's nothing
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