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Replaced battery. Replaced starter and installed the little wire that comes with it. Replaced the ignition relay on it. Tested voltage all is where it should be. All the lights come on inside and outside. I turn the key and nothing happens. I did jump it and it did crank but died right after then I bought a new battery and no cranking. I did bypass the starter solenoid with screw driver and it does crank doinh that..
Humming noise heard at 30 mph, no Service lights on.
You can hear it click when the key is turned power is on but nothing else
Idles but won't take gas
The locksmith cut and programmed a key and.could get it to turn the engine. I foundy let and he reprogrammed it and the same result. My key was working just fine u ntill the locksmith
it wont even turn over the security light is on but when i turn the key the light flashe rel fast and motor wont turn over whats wrong
2004 Mercury Mountaineer AWD
How long have you had this problem? Two days
After extensive repairs including front axles, the transfer case, front brakes (rotors,calipers,pads) front left wheel bearing assembly and front end bushing my mechanic is telling me it needs a front end pinion bushing and states its an extensive job and not worth it. He removed the drive shaft for me to drive it home but states the transfer case will go again if not put back in. I left the vehicle with him for what was supposed to be the final job of "a bushing" in the front end. The car was running fine except foe an occasional clunk which he said was this bushing. I did hear what sounded like a brake pad going on the right front but thought that odd as he had just done all brakes front and back within 6 months. When I went to pick it up he told me it was 3 bushings not 1 and now a passenger side front wheel bearing. Now after picking it up the car drove horrible! He told me after taking the front end again its a pinion bearing and a really extensive job. I've put a lot of money into this car and feel i'm almost there instead of getting a new one. Do you think it's worth it?
I changed fuse on 17, it was blown, replaced it. And stuff still doesn't work. Anyone have any other ideas what it could be???
diagnostic shows fuel injection straight line problem. How do you cure this problem?
gear shift was stuck in park; checked brake lights ? Brake lights working.
Attempted to move gear shift into drive
position; Gear shift handle broke off
from steering column; gear shift now
dangling / hanging downwards.
I have went into my brake pedal and look to see if the plug was broken it is not I disassembled it reassembled it and it's still not working also this is the third time which occurred and I need to figure out what the problem is before me and my children are stranded once again
Hi I have a 2004 mercury mountaineer , I need to know if the upper bal joint can be removed without taking the control arm off
The car shut itself off without any warning on an intersection after continuous high revving with a stuck gear. Struggled to start but when it did a loud squealing sound occurred and shut off again. I pressed the fuel reset switch and it started but the engine ran different and would not move at all. After a week a loud knocking/rattling sound occurred after starting and still won't accelerate. (It also did have a transmission problem with gear 2) Could it be that, time chain cassette, worn engine or what?
the rear lights do not turn off
even if i turn the car off and no key in the egnition
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