2003 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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I need help with fixing this issue
Is it possible for my truck to be out a time just replace the timing belt and not have to replace the chain
Trans. Is shifting a little strange and running a little rough at idle scan tools says pcm not trans control module
Replaced thermostat but still no heat.I have to put water in it ever other day..but no leaks that I can tell.was driving it the other day and it got hot so i pulled over to put water in it and when I unscrewed the cap water rushed back into the overflow.No leaks or noise
My Door Ajar signal will not go off
I just need to replace front and rear door on driver side
My radio and dvd player will not work everytime my car is turned on. I don't even have a clock. What may be the problem?
It blow hot once car is warmed up and I’m driving once I stop driving start blowing cold again
The rear air conditioner blows cold air all the time. On high. Can not adjust or turn off.
The rear airconditioner does not turn on
When there has been heavy rains and driving through standing water in ditches etc or taking my mountaineer through car wash, my check/service engine light comes on and starts idling funny. At times when in park it will idle slow to almost dying then rev back up. Then when I get in and put in drive, it acts like its going to die and then revs up and goes. It has done this on and off. This last time though, I noticed the smell of gas at times. The light has now gone off and idling fine.
The check engine light is on. The truck is cutting of when slowing down to take a turn. Keeps cutting off when coming to a stop.
need price to r&r transfer case
Had timing chain replaced went to start truck and broke 4 rocker arms
Every time I try to reset it, it won't display the oil % life left. I press and hold reset and it just goes on to the next step of the system check.
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