2002 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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We just got a used 2002 Mountaineer that needed a compressor because the AC didn’t work. Now it works but we have 2 problems:

1) when in park/idle, it doesn’t blow as cold as it does while driving so it’s impossibke to cool the car down before getting in it

2) it feels like it’s not blowing hard enough when we do start driving it.

Any help?
what vehicals can i use parts off of
All of a sudden I was driving and it started making a noise and shifting. What could this be? It still drives.
Need some help...
Just got a tuneup two months ago and got the ac fixed on my truck. While I was driving, car overheated, started smelling like antifreeze, thank goddess I was near my house. I pulled in to my place and turned the truck off, it was smoking and leaking (what I thought was antifreeze). A few minutes later I went out to see if it would start and it did, but it makes a squeaky sound. And I check the fluid on the floor and I think it’s oil. What could be wrong with my truck. I also checked the oil to see if maybe I flooded the engine, but there wasn’t any bubbles in the oil or on the stick.
Power comes on and then I turn key and it whines but won't turn over
Dome lights won't go off. The doors will lock and unlock while driving, and once I get out the dome lights won't go off. I hear random clicking as I drive and my battery has even been drained due to the dome lights.
It’s not making any noise but my dash lights come on and I had my battery checked and I checked a few fuses
2002 mercury mountaineer erratic lights, locks, door ajar light and alarm
What seems to make the problem better or worse? With the lights on or with the dimmer switch on
A/C compressor failed and I purchased a new one from Auto Zone PN:638735 and want to replace it myself.
Where on the fuel rail
sometimes it will fix itself for a little while but goes right back to doing it. I have been manuelly shutting off the inside light and the headlights so if the alarm does go off it will not drain my battery.
It rattling all the time.
I purchased 8 spark plugs and need to know how to install them
I purchased a fuel filter. How do I install it myself?
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