2002 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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It’s not making any noise but my dash lights come on and I had my battery checked and I checked a few fuses
2002 mercury mountaineer erratic lights, locks, door ajar light and alarm
What seems to make the problem better or worse? With the lights on or with the dimmer switch on
A/C compressor failed and I purchased a new one from Auto Zone PN:638735 and want to replace it myself.
Where on the fuel rail
sometimes it will fix itself for a little while but goes right back to doing it. I have been manuelly shutting off the inside light and the headlights so if the alarm does go off it will not drain my battery.
It rattling all the time.
I purchased 8 spark plugs and need to know how to install them
I purchased a fuel filter. How do I install it myself?
even when the doors are shut the light remains on.
don't know any other info.
When my 2002 Mercury Mountaineer is on, there is a constant noise of what sounds to me like gears grinding. Its coming from the latch on the rear door. It never stops! I am also having issues with the alarm coming on at random times, mostly in the middle of the night, could these be related issues?
I have to disconnect my battery everytime I'm out of car very long. Door ajar light stays on,my lights stays on when I get out of car. The door ajar light will come on and go off and come on again while driving.
Now it's popping louder and the wheel ( on the front driver side) is starting to shake and the steering as well
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