2001 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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I have a 2001 mountaineer and the power door locks keep cycling or clicking, when the car is off, thus draining my battery. I have used a multimeter to check the amperage drain on the battery. When I remove the fuse for the door locks, the drain is gone. When I replace the fuse, the door locks start clicking again and producing a drain on the battery. The only way to prevent the drain is to remove the negative battery cable. The battery with the negative cable removed is 13.? volts. I have tried removing the batteries from my keyless remotes. No change in the problem.. What else can I check to get the power door locks to quit draining my battery???
Went to check fluids in car and noticed that water in radiator looked like a strawberry shake.
the 01 mountaineer has 80,000 miles..driving slow through a lot we hear a thudding/grabbing sound low pitch. we notice this when leaving from a stop or when making a slow turn in a lot. the sound is intermittent. the vehicle is an AWD. two shops couldn't figure out. one a Brakes plus only changed the middle transaxle fluid .. no luck on that.. the car looks like new outside/runs good at speed. too nice to dump but cant figure it out. Thanks
I have a good battery, and alternator, starter. It cranks but won't start. I've shut off all my lights dome lights ect. I've pulled the power window fuse as well. I was told it was my power windows by a mechanic.
today i went to mechanic and he scan my truck. the scanner code was p0303, and that code says that cylinder #3 have a misfire, then i remember that the truck have the original spark plug wires,i think that the wires are the problem is that correct? currently the truck has 147,000 miles.
I changed the thermostat, but still have no heat. Can it be the water pump, I do have a little belt noise when I start it.
One day I got in and started it and this wretched sound came out of it until I got a quarter mile down the road and then it stopped. The next morning it wouldn't even turn over. All lights and everything came on but there's no click or sound of it turning. The relay kicks but that's it. The starter and fly wheel have perfect teeth and tested great same with the battery. We took the starter out and put it back in, it started back up 4 times then quit runnin just like before. The anti theft hasn't rapidly increased either. Any ideas?
Whenever I try to close the rear hatch window it will not stay shut. I have to slam it hard about 5 or 6 times in order for it to latch. What would cause this and how can I fix this?
whats the problem,how much to fix.
do I need the rear heater core in order to drive the vehicle
has rear ac/heat.
The check engine light stays on. I had a cam shaft sensor installed, how do you reset the on-board computer? I want to pass emissions.
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