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i wants to turn back over but it doest right away
Have changed the thermostat flushed the heater core checked the heater control valve changed the heater unit in dash then realized that no antifreeze is going to the heater core. Disconnected the hose going to heater core and nothing was coming out when started the engine. Was thinking something was clogged or maybe the water pump wasn’t working properly but truck is not overheating. Really could use some help thanks
fuel filter need replacing what size
Car was starting up just fine until I pulled into my gate today, I was pressing on the brakes and then the car chugs for about 2 minutes and dies and now it won't start again. System check in the car says Lamp Outage Error.
change fuel pump relay safety swich still in down position disconnected in line to fuel filter turned on key no gas
replaced thermostat and flushed cooling system. still having problem.
Does radiator fan have a clutch?
Or any other ideas
it starts up fine shifts when driving but its hard to get to take off when you start because it dies. it just started it today
Twice now I was driving down the road when my headlights and dashboard lights would shut off without any warning. In a panic I'd be trying everything I could think of to get them back on. Both times I reached up and somehow the headlight switch was turned completely off. I've asked several people about it and they all laugh at me and say im crazy. And the last time it happened i passed a cop right as my lights came back on. I'm desperate for an answer. It's like someone or something reached up and turned it off. And there is absolutely no way I could have bumped or touched it at all.
I turned it off and then realized I needed tk go to gaa station and when I turned key. Nothing, no lights or anything. Evwn the cd in cd player ejected. Please help
You put it in reverse and it won't back up. What do I need to do?
Thank you
No heat at all.
My son changethe part in the engine compartment for the cruise control
It's the standard radio with truck
Cluster lights not always on headlights not turning off and radio display malfunctioning not turning on
The squealing is much louder and distinctly different than the common belt chirp. It's difficult to narrow down to the specific pulley just by listening to the squealing. Based on research, I'm guessing it's the idler pulley, but just wanted to educated opinions in order to avoid unnecessary time and money being used for things that aren't in need of repair.
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