1999 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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1999 mercury mountaineer. Weeks ago engine light came on. Filled gas tank and nee gas cap on. Light went out immediatly. 5 days ago it passed emissions test. Now light back on. Filled gas tank and tightened gas cap but light still on. I occassionally smell gas briefly in truck while driving sometimes.
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
Mecury mountaineer 1999
Fuel Gauge reads full, however, the ECON display reads low fuel. Sending unit? Bad ground? Just the gauge?
The antifreeze is pouring out of the timing chain soon as you put it in.Brand new resistor replaced.
T for 30 mins and its fine the last time it happened the door locks and seats stopped working HELP PLEASE!!
It wont pass emissions it says faulty 3 and 4
It has been running ruff for some time have replaced a lot of things. I have a code reader and it hasn't said anything and the check engine light hasn't come on.
And it hesitate at about 50mph. Your help is needed and appreciated. May Good bless
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