1998 Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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Was able to get them to work when I hot wired or bypassed the driver door switches.
All the bolts have been removed but we can not remove the evaporator. Is there a trick in removing the evaporator?
Died while driving down the road tried to start again tries to but will not start need to know why it won't start and where to start looking
Died while driving down the road tried to start again tries to but will not start
Tried turning off with key but all it does is act like it works but doesn't turn vehicle off what u think is wrong?
Can I get help quoting the body mounts for only labor cost please?
1998 mercury mountaineer third brake light flickers oil pressure gage fluctuates abs light stays on making it very hard to come to a stop. These things have started happening one by one within ththe last week or two.
fuseable link looks like a bandaid with two copper ends and a black plastic middle that reads 175 A ford motorcraft, in the power supply box there is a square starter relay which seems to work fine. I need help, do I run new negative cable and possitive cable , nothing has been changed out with the cables ,but I did put in a brand new starter cleaned up connections around the fuseable link then it finally started now it is happening again..
when trying to start it just clicks and its not the battery or starter, where is the solenoid located on the 1998 Mercury Mountnr. V8 awd.
Happen when I would turn, but now it's more consistent of a noise, I replaced my drive axel and a bunch of other things almost everything except brakes lower control arm and bearing on my driver side any idea of what it could be?
A few months ago start this litle problem whit the windows , don´t go down when I push the boton , some times I oopen the door and then star working again , but sudenly they just not working any more, I check fuse and they are good , what can be and were more I have to check , and other thing is not sending ac to that part the rest of electric thing working ok
O/d off light was flashing so I changed fluid and filter via hand book/owners manuel then my tranny started slipping
The r fuel rail has slight leak on middle port. What are the most likely problems that would cause this condition. Are there any cheats that can be employed?
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