2004 Mercury Monterey Questions

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cannot see mile on car usto be only when lights were off but now all the time
My car starts and drive for a minute and then cuts off
Has power. All dash lights come on, radio a/c. Engine doesn't turn over.
sometimes anti theft lights and horn activate and key won't turn...BIG PROBLEMO!
Just on defrost setting and fan on high
My check engine light is staying on and my transaxle light is flashing in park neutral and reverse and has a skip to it what would you do with that problem
It was running fine when I parked it last night
The air just started blowing hot from drivers side but still cold on the passenger side and the back.
the light stays on for a reason
light has come on saying that
They will complete 1 wipe and get stuck in the up position, have to be manually pushed down.
Changing the ac clutch but the press doesn't fit from parts store?
both switches for the windows went out at the same time
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