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Recently my Montego would turn over but not start. Had it towed on a flatbed to Lincoln/Mercury dealer thinking it was the fuel pump. Turns out it was the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) which I was told was under recall so there was no charge. What is the PCM, where is it and what is its function?
Sometimes it doesn't act up, but other times it will do so a lot. No codes in system. Mostly does it when ac is on. I am a retired Dealership Tech.
My car is in good shape but every once in a while if im at a stop light it will cut off. And then sometimes i try to crank it when i leave and it will turn over but not start up. I habe to jumped off. Then its good for a while then it wont crank sometimes when i get in it to leave. Something is draining the battery. Please help me?
I had a code scanner out on it and it said i needed ignition coils so i replaced those and the spark plugs but occasionally my wrench light comes on
repacing fuel filter
I had the tranny swapped by local shop and ever since it shifts really hard into second and then read that there is software that has to updated by the dealer? is this true? If so how much should it cost?
The car keeps jerking and losing power.charging system flashed across dash and it regained power.
Car has 95k+ miles on it. About 8 months ago when driving at highway speed and putting cruise control on the car would start accelerating and would not let me turn off the control. Placing the car in neutral would disengage cc, but then had very little throttle response and speed was limited to 20mph. Stopping car and placing it in park and turning engine off for a minute or two, then restart engine and had normal throttle response. Shifting into reverse or drive came with a big bang, but only one time. After that it would shift into drive or reverse normally and had full throttle control. Each time I tries cc this would happen. Three Ford dealers told me it was the clutches in the trans; remember this is an AWD car with a CVT in it.

Does anyone have an idea what this problem could be?

Ac not blowing cold. I cant here compressor click on but its a quiet engine
I want to add freon and I want to know where the pug is located on the 2006 mercury montego
I recently got my left rear wheel bearing replaced since then when I get up some speed my abs light come on and my traction light.I was told it is a left rear wheel speed sensor that is not reading.what could have happened and what should I do to fix it
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