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I changed the battery in my car now my radio won't work just flashes the AM when I turn it on I need the code it isn't in my manual please help this isn't fair I fix one thing and something else tears up
it just shows load error...
Need to replace driver side headlight
What does it mean when the car says caliper complete
It's not the battery
Temperature gauge returns to normal after I start traveling over 35-40mph. HELP!
My car won't start with my key after getting new computer put in. Tried locksmith to reset key that did not work
I've driven it about 150 miles and the drive cycles are still not ready to pass smog test.
If I put it in Neutral it will stop.
brakes do not work properly after hard stop. Soft and slow to stop. This is extremely dangerous as it has happened to me at least 3 times in rush hour traffic.
this issue happens when I had to hard stop to avoid hitting a car jumping into my lane(speed 50mph), when a car had a blow out in front of me a the car spun around I had to hard brake to avoid hitting the car(speed 65mph), and when I had to hard stop when a police car with lights on went through on intersection I was approaching(speed 45mph)
I had the brake master cylinder replaced but I still have the same problem. It did not fix my problem.
Is this dealership repair? How much time and money involved?
The moonroof track works and engine to move it but the clips that run inside the track to the window can open, close, etc. are broken so it's literally just sitting there, the wind picks it up. I know i have to take it in to even get an estimate, but I've been looking online and would like a ball park figure before i drop it off and get charged a ton. I couldn't find anything online to help with this. I'm assuming since everything works, and it just needs the clips replaced to keep it on track... not more than $200?
I hear clicking noises eveytime I turn left, upon taking the tire of and checking it out, the cv boot is torn. But I still don't know why its clicking or how to fix it? I had the axel ends replaced about 2.5 years ago.
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