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Squishy brakes were diagnosed as a bad ABS module by two separate repair shops. New, genuine Ford, ABS module was replaced in July of 2012. A little more than one year later, the brake was depressed while hitting a bump, and the brakes became squishy like before module was replaced. Brakes returned to normal less than 24 hrs later.
5 days ago, the brakes were depressed as I drove over a depression in the road, and they have not returned to normal yet. Any ideas what is going on?
I started the car fine, started down the road and it seemed to be missing really bad or maybe that it had bad gas. I stopped,turned the car off and started it again( did this a few times) my dad was checking under the hood and he unplugged the air flow censor and the car died. It will not start again..It just turns over , tested it and it's not firing at all. Got 12 codes that all said Misfire.
It's at a Ford dealership at the moment and they can't even figure out whats wrong. I am desperate. I'm a single mother, not much income and this is my only car.
I started my car and moved it, when I went to start it back It clicks , and says check brake system. Brake is also stuck down.
My heater stopped blowing out ..then friend said something came undone under dash passenger clue what they unplugged and plugged back in.. Then started working again since September and just went out tonight again..
repair place is fixing the cv axels in front...would that cause the squeaking?
when I'm in park and want to shift to reverse of drive, sometimes when I click the button it will not release.
Sometimes it comes on sometimes it don,t.
My emergency brake light is on but the emergency brake is not engaged & hasn't been engaged while parked today.
I have two pending codes that are making my emission light stay on 1)P0410 and 2)P0491 I busted passed my sticker a month ago and I just did oil. Since the light came on went to two places to see what's wrong and both gave me those codes. The day I received codes I replaced filter,spark plugs,and sprayed carb cleaning to. Heck hoses for leaks and did not see any. Now I'm stumped trying to fix myself. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
The slides for the sunroof are broken and inquiring where I can find parts for the sunroof
I went to send,then there is a drop down for additional repair. Caliper there.
My caliper,rotor,and pads all need replaced
there is a car and lock picture on dash board
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