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I plug in the aux cord and phone but it won t go to "line in". The only thing that shows when I press the aux button is the XM radio stations 1, 2, and 3 but not "line in". How do I get it to go to line in so I can play my music?! HELP PLEASE!

went to go start my car this morning and turned wipers on after warmed up a little and the moved like and inch and made weird noise now that let car warm for awhile the drivers side wiper moves/works and passenger side does not and when touch it can feel it trying to turn stumped dont know what to do or how to get into it?

It has 80,000 miles on it and has never given me any problems. It was evening time and when I got home I turned off the car and in t was boiling. The temp. Gauge was only half way no warnings or anything.

My car was runing good but on sat i was driving on the fwy and as soon as i got off the fwy the car feel like it was slowing down lost power i would step on the gas pedal and it would not gain power than started to smell like gas drove it home like 1.5 mile from the fwy , than check the tail pipe and it was dischatging gas

how do i get the air bag light to go out

I replaced the alternator and the battery and is still not charging it's at 11.98 all the time am Goin crazy can you please help

It's a 4 cylinder front wheel drive

Squishy brakes were diagnosed as a bad ABS module by two separate repair shops. New, genuine Ford, ABS module was replaced in July of 2012. A little more than one year later, the brake was depressed while hitting a bump, and the brakes became squishy like before module was replaced. Brakes returned to normal less than 24 hrs later.
5 days ago, the brakes were depressed as I drove over a depression in the road, and they have not returned to normal yet. Any ideas what is going on?

I started the car fine, started down the road and it seemed to be missing really bad or maybe that it had bad gas. I stopped,turned the car off and started it again( did this a few times) my dad was checking under the hood and he unplugged the air flow censor and the car died. It will not start again..It just turns over , tested it and it's not firing at all. Got 12 codes that all said Misfire.
It's at a Ford dealership at the moment and they can't even figure out whats wrong. I am desperate. I'm a single mother, not much income and this is my only car.