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Was showing code 455 and 457 codes, I replace the fuel door for a bad gasket and I replaced the purge valve on engine. 3.0 eng, I have been driving it and there is no codes yet but the only thing that it has not ran on the computer yet is evap . Still Waiting.
I had to use my defroster this morning. I shut it off but the fan keeps blowing. The a.c. comes on and I have the heat at the highest setting
horn honks when using keyless entry.
I had my tires rotated at oil change when they told me i need 2 new tires for the mariner due to inside wear on front tires back are in great shape currently now on the front bad on the back im worried about what causes this and will the bad tires throw out the back
My car stop cranking so I recently changed the starter and battery and everything comes on fine but the car still won't start.What could be the problem now, and what should my next step be to do??
It's not the battery..all the electrical things work I have to turn the switch a number of times before it's cranks. It's almost like it's not getting a signal from the engine
Where is fuse for windshield washer fuse located
Number of fuse
Field Service Action #13N03
I had a really bad rear window seal and it caused premature rust on my vehicle which they will not stand behind...and the vehicle was only a couple of years upset with Fords customer service.
The shaking is slight and started a week ago. Power steering issue only happened twice and corrected once I turned my car off and back on.
A few months back (July) I had to replace my Fuel Pressure Sensor and now my Check Engine light is back on and giving me the SAME CODE! Why does this part keep going out? Is there something else wrong I should be fixing?
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