2008 Mercury Mariner Questions

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Why is the fans on the radiator constantly turning on radio
Two bolts on brake caliper , what is Allen wrench size to remove so can change brake pads on front?
hex size needed for removal of front disc pads ..
The light only comes on during braking and usually remains on until I start to move again by pushing on the gas. Sometimes it stays on a a couple of seconds while driving.
2008 mercury mariner heater fan will not run when you turn it on, then it will come on in 5 to 10 of car running. What is wrong?
Transmission slips in in 2nd and 4th gear
Changed the ignition switch on the left of the steering column feel it is the key mechanism itself or the keys. Problem occurs most of the time. Have been able to start but problem is getting worse.
Vehicle shifts to 2nd at 4 RPM. I had a diagnostic done that showed some codes on the transmission but they weren't positive what it was and had me do a full tune up to see if it took care of the problem. Had it done but no change. Had another diagnostic done at an auto store and got codes for ERG system fault with probable causes of sensor, valve, and so on. Somebody suggested replacing filter and fluid but I'm wondering if it's worth it to continue to spend money on all these smaller things if I end up having to replace the transmission if none of these work. Not sure what to do and don't understand most of this stuff.
My throttle light is visible on my dashboard. What is an estimate of a "throttle" repair? The jeep's gears are shifting slower. Difficulty gaining speed or momentum.
My key was bent and would only start the vehicle if it was inserted into the ignition with the bent part facing up. I drove the vehicle like this for the last couple of years with now problems, except that no one else could seem to get it to start, but me. Recently, the vehicle would sporadically not turn over. All the lights come one, but the engine will not even attempt to turn over. I had the key bent back straight and this seemed to work for a short time. Now it will not start at all. Do I need the ignition lock cylinder replaced?
this was after being driven over 5 to 10 miles 3.0 engine
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