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battt want dead radio stop working

i recently had my transmission rebuilt and when i got it back from the shop it was beeing and saying passanger door adjar. Even when its parked the alarm goes off randolmly

When I try to fill my tank with gas, it keeps stopping every few dollars. I know the issue involves the fact that the air won't be allowed in or to vent, but I need to know whether it is the solenoid valve or air canister. Can anyone tell me which one it could be?

111,000mi. Jerking motion when at speed of 55-58mph. No sensor lights showing, no change in rpm on dash. Occurs when roads are wet and snow covered.

batt unhooked for week or two while changing radiator fans

batt was unhooked for week while changing blower fans (radiator)

How do I fix a back up sensor?

Nothing more to add

But its not, then it turns on like nothing. Also my steering wheel makes a grinding noise when I turn.The noise is getting worse.With that being said, I have fixed the fuel rail pressure sencer a few months back and my gas gage dose not work. its a sencer in my gas tank. What could these problems be??

I don't have much money so I would just want you to tell me what is wrong with it. Myself and a friend will have to work on it.

I have a 2007 with 75,000 miles. just this week we noticed a bad smell of oil when we pull it in the garage (its now to the point we leave the door up to "air the garage out) we do not notice it when we are driving or even stopped at a red light.

Checked dip stick, not using any oil and still looks clean (just changed about a month ago) motor doesn't knock still gets up and moves.

any help would be great

The vehicle was wrecked by my dealership one month after purchase and has on going problmes.They do not fix anything unless it completely breaks down. Transmission was severly damaged as well the rear wheel axle being broken.The wheel was completely flattened againt the under carriage amongst many things! Long story short my new vehicle had been "sick" ever since! Help?
Pps The transmission actually went totally belly up while i ws driving on abusy interste dureing rush hr muc in fo .:)

light came on before the brakes were changed thats why we changed them, but the actual brake ligh never came on. Had no brakes

52,000 miles with oil drips on drive. I was told by dealer i need to replace front engine cover gasket - cost $1400. This is a joke.