2006 Mercury Mariner Questions

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Engine temperature is normal
Car was starting but had to hold the unlock button down real hard and turn it just right to start. Now it wont start but when u turn the key everything comes on.
Now rear differential acting up making rear shake and tug alot is that by coinincident or can mechanic break while transferable installed
The manual says after three cold cycles the light should go off it's been six cold cycles and it's still on. Now the check engine light is on and neither will go off. Auto zone says it's the gas cap I've bought a new one and still the same results. Had the truck for under a week bought as is. What can I do??
After I wait it works
the light dosent work in the radio cant see the stations or the clock tried the fuses but not it what could it be
The lights on my gear shifter has gone completely out and the surrounding areas have gone loose. The gears have not shifted while driving though it is annoying driving at night and trying to go into reverse. Is this something I need to take to the mechanic asap or can I put it off for while?
If I remember correctly, this can be fixed by resetting something in the cars computer. Can anyone second so I can tell the mechanic wat it is?
can replacing an oxygen sensor cause an oil leak
It runs at about 1700 to 2000 rpms. Appears to take a little longer to shift.
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