2009 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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The AC has been working without any problems until late a last week. It started to blow hot air instead of cold. I checked the compressor, and it's cycling just like it's suppose to. The lines are getting cold but no cold air. Was told that it's a switch under the dash and that the switch costs almost 400 bucks just by itself. I was waiting to know if that is the problem or is they're something cheaper I can do to fix it.
Water inside on passenger side but doesn't smell of antifteeze
I was told that the solinoid isn,t working properly. can it be repaired without buying a whole new latch assembly?
my windshield frosts up on hot and humid days. I was told that I have a vaccumm leak.and the damper is not able to be controled properly. can this be fixed without buying a new
a/c control?
On my 2009 LS model on the side is "UltraLimited" What is different on this Model than other models?
The heater and air conditioning change randomly from blowing out the floor to the defrost and the vents. Two of the display lights for the heat/air are out. The car makes a noise like air being blown through a straw at random. The automatic trunk release works only sometimes and the alert light for the trunk being open is lit even though the trunk is shut. Don Ledford Ford Dealership in Chattanooga repair shop staff have been everything but helpful. They want to keep the car for a week to "check it out."
If I purchase a replacement trunk latch, can it be easliy installed ? Does it require any special tools? Can the connecting cables be easly reconnected?
just bought car 'factory programcar 17000miles .temp was 10degrees .wwhen i turned key nothing happened but everthing else worked definetely not abattery or contact problem.note sonhas a g.m.impalaand every 15ooomiles hast this problem turnsout tobe starter module.does merc have this0?advise please note gm is ver common without perm. fix
What is the procedure for clearing the Change engine oil light?
i push the reset button on the dash but everytime i start the car it comes back on
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