2008 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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I have an 2008 Grand Marqui LS 4.6L flex fuel vehicle
Engine code P0128 was diagnosed.
I am trying to find a clear diagrahm or picture. Of where the ECT coolant sensor is located on the motor.
When I am stopped at a red light or stop sign. Or even just in park at my home. With the A/C on my idle nearly dies. When I shut the A/C off. The car idles okay. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Thank you, Darrell Carr
Lake City, Fl
2008 mercury marquis / i have a new battery, professional installed.... driving car down road at 35mph, radio stopped, lost indication on dash board, blower for air stopped, temperature indicator stopped..... at this point car did nothing when ignition was turned acted as though it wasn't getting gas ? Had to tow
cruise control stopped working. passenger side window stopped working
The abs light started flashing and then my car died. Had to get it towed. Charged the battery and put it in the shop the mechanic could not fine anything wrong. But 6hrs after picking my car up it happened again . Had to get it towed again.
When I pull the wiper lever forward the high beams go on, but don't stay on.
how to set change oil light to 5000 miles
how to reset oil change reminder to 5000 miles
Door will open from outside but not with handle on inside.
Cannot get driver door to open from inside. Will open from outside. Power locks/unlocks OK.
Does anyone know what causes this
I had an oil change and the garage told me that my head gaskets are leaking oil, pan covers need replacing and my front oil seal is leaking cost 27.00.00 I had no indications of any kind and my garage floor shows no spots I only have 68,000 miles on car. What can I do to check it out I thin its a scam. Thank You
very spiratic, might not happen at all, might happen a couple times? Short trips no problem.
When I turn the air control switch to any position defrost, feet, vent ac they all work except just blows out hot air. even with the cold hot switch on cold.
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