2007 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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Heater box and core are hot but blows cold air
Dropped the evac canister under the tank and blew through it. Clear!
When I add air into the outlet hose off the canister I get some air pressure coming back out. Some air does come out the vent at the filler neck but it isn't clear. there is a restriction of some sort but the vent line except for some small pieces of hose is steel. Put som airtank pressure to it but didn't help.
Any other ideas besides dropping the tank and replacing everything.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Problem just started a week ago. Figured the stations evap hose was messed up.
Anysettings needed
I replaced climate control panel
when turning off , the fan still blows but no air comes out of vents
Must use Key to open trunk and open door. Dome light does work when button is pressed next to light. Inside button does not open trunk nor open doors. This is intermittent and all will start working again. No codes showing.
but now they say that it could be the rack and piona that causes the problem they also said that it had a lot of dirt in it so they did something and got it out how can that get dirt in it and sense they think that they got it will I need to replace that too?
How do you check the vent controllers and what else may be going wrong?
screen where compass located is blank (not lit up)
بعد تنظيف الثروتل بدي وحساس الهواء اختل منظم اا الهواء
when the tank is less than half full there are no fumes
While driving down the interstate, the dashboard light went dim, the AC motor stopped working, and the car shut off and would not restart. Had the car towed to a dealer and was told the computer said it was EPR Valve? what would that have to do with a car losing electrical power. I would think alternator.
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