2006 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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Comes and goes. When it is cooling it is really cold. Nice! Seems to be in controlling part of system. Poor function of "blend door"? Turning the ignition off and on will sometimes make the cooling start. Removing and replacing a battery cable has coaxed the cooling to start. What can I replace, repair or adjust? Car has new battery.
Will not blow through other vents only floor and defrost windshield. Need help please
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
Ford grand Marquis 2006 ls the gas gauge don't work it's stuck on full I'm trying to check if it's the fuse or something please tell me iv been stranded alot cause of this ?
Air works great, but switches from vent to defrost when on steep upgrades then back to vent on flat roads. No misses, idles good, no smells.
Is there something I should add to the gas
It will not move in drive.
This is a GS model with manual heater and ac controls.
I've heard this can be the break light switch ?
The electrical system wires running from the fuse box under the hood
I want to change my security code from factory to personal.
replaced part still only works on high
on my 2006 mercury grand marquis gs my air bag light randomly flashes, but when it does it flashes 1 5 or 5 1.
anyone know the codes for that vehicle ?
you can start car and go down road and turn on ac it blows hot but at some point will turn cold for awhile then go hot then after a bit go cold
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