2004 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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I do have an oil leak and I was told that I will need a new oil pan because mines have a crack in it but I keep oil in it I would like to know what's causing the gauge to trip out like that

No matter what it will die when put into drive or either low gears but reverse and neutral are fine. Just out of the blue started doing this, this car was running great until this

The actuator you still working because when I run a self-diagnostic check I can see it open and close

I need to replace fuel filter

Just brought a use car it's tick due to owner wife driver through water puddle! So what to do

My headlights were working on and off and I read that there was a recall on the LCM. I was holding in the turn signal lever and the lights would stay on, however the day before I brought the car in to change the LCM the lights did not work at all. I had the LCM changed and the lights still don't work.

cel light on code p0108 no map sensor on car

cel light on code p0108

Change the fuse and it works fine except the ABS and brake idiot lights are constantly on. When you turn engine off and turn the A/C back on it blows the fuse. Then the idiot lights go out, the defroster switch is out also. No codes show on comes up "no codes". Do I need a new compressor, is it drawing too much power causing the fuse to blow, or is the fuse blowing causing the compressor to shut down? Thanx everyone......

I am replacing the rear air spring in my 2004 Mercury grand marquis. I am having trouble reconnecting it to the solenoid. It won't engage to the final lock position. I have tried brute force and oiling the o rings but neither of these things have worked. What am I doing wrong.

this will happen about every 5 thousand miles. Had air intake problem. Air filter piece lodged module mechanic removed and ran fine. Same problem occurred recently. this has happen 5-7 times

My 04 Mercury Grand Marquis with 62k miles lately has giving me the following issue: in a couple of instances, when I go to start it nothing happens, turn the ignition, all the panel lights come up, and no ignition!. I naturally panicked, kept on trying for a while, and then finally started!
I read somewhere that it was the Ignition lock cylinder fault. I replaced it, however, when I did that, the same thing happened, no ignition, and on top of that the battery was drained!
That car has been in our family since new, and it is well maintained and low mileages for her age. I like to keep it the same way.
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