2003 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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Locked the car today while running and have buttons on the doors to unlock the car but need to know where to find the combination and I am the original owner
So I have what I believe is refereed to as a “rough idle” on my 2003 Grand Marquis. While in my car at stop lights it kind of sounds as if one of the cars around me is bumping their base really loud. In fact for a while I thought that's what it was. I guess I would also say it sounds like if you were to lightly roll your tongue with your mouth closed. It doesn't feel like the car is about to stall or just sounds...weird. The 2 main things I think are worth noting are that when the car is in motion it seems to run fine. Acceleration is great and all that. However at stop signs and traffic light it sounds rough. Which brings me to the 2nd thing I think is worth noting. It only does it when it's in drive or reverse. If I put it in park or neutral it idles fine.

Within the last 500 miles I have changed the air filter, cleaned the mass air flow sensor, and changed the fuel filter. This was all kind of a “screw it, let's just do all this other crap while I'm at it” weekend. To be honest I can't nail down exactly when this weird sound started. One reason for that is the blower motor resistor had been broken on my car for several months. So when I was driving it the AC would pretty much always be on full blast. The constant extra noise made it hard to keep an ear out for trouble. This includes ruining a couple rotors. Since I replaced the blower resistor and replaced all the brakes and rotors it's really highlighted the crummy idle :/ Go figure right? Any ideas?
Blown replaced it now car won't even turn over
how do I change the spark plugs and does it have spark plug wires
first thing this AM start car AC came on and then went out the Power Steering got tight then AC comes back on and steering and air returns to normal then repeats.
How many miles should I go before changing my timing belt or chain
The lines get real cold like they should, the fan works, and the blend door switch has been changed
won't go up or down
repair power window. driver side window
What is the life expectancy?
Engine light came on and flashes. Engine runs rough with a constant misfire and lacks power
Replaced ABS module and the same issue. ABS unplugged or removed pulsating not felt. What else could cause this issue.
Possible I need new computer. The keys would need to be programmed too. But if I'm wrong I'm out several hundred dollars. A yo e know about the computers in this vehicle?
Making a weird noise was driving thought it was a flat it wasn't tried to stop on brakes they wouldn't move because the tire wouldn't move it's stuck on the driver side .
does the abs on my car cause a rumbling noise when you first start up the car. what part has to be replaced to correct this problem. noise just started 3 months ago
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