2002 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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changed from airbags to shocks why?
How long have you had this problem? 24hours
Has been burning oil for past 2 yrs heavily now in last month has stopped and only 1 qt in over 1000 miles.
the transmission shifts all 4 gears,but just don't accelerate...
the overdrive light flashes after driving fo a while and when i switch the car off and on again it stops flashing and get normal
We drove down to Walmart in Boerne, TX and Wife said ride in our old 98 crown vic was better even though crown vic had 113, 000 miles compared to 58,000 on my 2002 Grand Marquis GS. Plus, if I come to a hard stop the GM shudders a bit. I know I need a good alignment job, too. I like to buy my parts at O'Reilly 1st, Thx KJ
which fuse is for the alternator
I think a fuse or flasher or relay but no fuses blown I swiched the horn relay with another and nothing changed.
Checked the fuses and relay tried switching relay with another one. All fuses are good. Have not checked the heavy duty fuses on drivers inner wheel well.
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