2001 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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Battery is fine it tries to start but it will not engage
I have a 2001 mercury grand marquis,i have changed the blower motor and i still dont have any air flow. I also checked my fuses and they are all good
have to stay with the car on the gas for a bit before i can leave it alone or it will die.It also has an issue with the motor shaking when its cold but once u drive for awhile and it warms up it smooths out
Happens every time i drive it.
So just saying from the start here; "I may never want a fix as I had manual operation for my previous vehicle just so I wouldn't have to concern myself with such common failures today of sub-par electronic parts and switches now made in low-wage foreign 3rd world countries."

BUT! First I must let you all and any electro-wizard out there know about the annoying 'Static-Shock' I frequently receive and may I suggest (Duh) this is due to an improperly grounded circuit somewhere maybe related? I'm thinking in the trunk due to my over use of this massive storage bin. Maybe I've knocked a ground wire/harness loose.

What has anyone else found to be the common failed electro-bit that controls the 'One-Touch' window down, Remote Key Fob and Coded Key pad Door (un-)locking and Deck Lid remote door switch functions?
I currently have the driver's door panel removed and now I'm at a Full Stop as to how I proceed to deem which bit is fouled.

Thanks for any wizardry of crappy electronix mindful replies....
How can I get it out after thinking it wasn't a problem , I put my parts back together then cranked it then I heard a loud tapping noise , the car turned off on me after a few minutes of listening it. I tried to crank it again and had to give it gas to start it never had to do that before .
Replaced bend door actuator..blower motor fine ..replaced blower motor resistor...Very slight cooler air in the mix of hot....only blowin from top..not the vents ....Im at a loss...Any suggestions? Thank you.....Joe
My doors are locking and unlocking just fine, but none of the doors will open. When I pull the handles they do not seem to engage the lever that pulls the latch to allow the doors to open.

The issue came on suddenly. I've had no previous issues. I have tried locking and unlocking with the remote as well as physically with the key. The lock buttons go up and down and appear to be all working as expected. It is only the doors themselves that the pull handles on ALL 4 DOORS simply do not unlatch.
No power to pump
Going down road oil gauge went all the way down got home crank it plenty oil pressure then just goes back down little rattling cut it off refire same thing
I drove my car a few blocks from home and when I stopped and removed my ignition key it was very hot to hold/touch?
I'm check battery leads one of the positive leads is corroding
at times my car makes a ticking noise too
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