2000 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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what can possibly be the problem

is it 02 sensor or injectors

Heater was set for hot. I could not scale it down. Switched to achieve and it still blew out hot air. I accidentally left ac on when I turned the car off. When I started it next, all I got was cold.

When driving hit a bump in road water light pops on and pops back off

Can feel the heat but it wont push out the vents unless im driving... when i stop or idle the heat stop flowing out the vents

I have no turn signal or headlight so I disconnected the battery and charged it .
put the battery back in and car wont crank, checked and replaced fuses as needed.

Also are cruise switches supposed to illuminate?

Tranny has a little kick only in first gear, but does not kick vary hard changes shifting solenoid and tranny oil filter and does the same..what can it be

It's a manual panel. I have a blower switch that may be the problem I was told. Is the blower switch behind the control panel? I need to get his working because I have to bring clients in my car for work. Any help would be appreciated.

No crank no start just a clicking noise from starter once it starts it's fine till the next day

Every time I accelerate my entire dash rrattles very hard. It doesn't do it when pressing the gas in park only when the vehicle is moving. When you first start the vehicle the entire car kinda shakes when it's cold. It was just sporadically shaking but has now started doing it everytime I accelerate. Speed does not affect it, whether I'm going 40 or 70 it still shakes. Any suggestions?

What cause my battery to drain down when I activate the factory alarm system?

the battery drains only if I activate the alarm system. If I don't activate the alarm system the battery does not drain down.