1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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left rear shock and or rear left rear end is low in the morning but the minute I turn the ignition key it comes up to level
When I first start the car it runs rough for a few minutes..this a.m. I pressed on the gas, it moved very slowly then seemed to kick into gear and after that it was fine..this is the first time that happened...the rough start does not happen all of the lights on dashboard
I have 1999 Grand Marquis and I think the engine coolant has leaked out. I heard this was a common problem with that model. Does anyone know what are the symptoms or costs to repair?
The cruise was working , but I had to push on button twice to make it come on . Now it doesn't come on at all ,checked fuses&wiring and found nothing visably wrong.
my truck lock and door locks dong work, do u think its a actuator that needs replacement?
shakes in the morning the first crank then cuts off then its fine
my 99 grand marquis stays in first gear. the tranmission fluid is good. what should i do.
What needs done to remove the heater core from my car. It needs replacement and need to expert way to get at it.
I need to know where the fuse for the ALS sensor is located

why do the interior lights in my 1999 mercury grand marquis suddenly stay on all the time. The head lights do not seem to come on for the auto lamp system either.
I've been told I have to replace the driver's front ball joint before I can have the front end aligned. How much should this ball joint replacement cost?
Do I need to remove other perts to access third bolt of starter?
when starting in a/m loping like chock is sticking and engine wants die
I changed upper and lower ball joints on driver and passenger side but still pops when turnt hard
It started doing it only when im on a bumpy road or hit a hole. Everyone I asked and let hear it said it was the ball joints saw I bought brand new upper and lower ball joints for driver and passenger sides and had them installed. Stopped for a day or two and now the sound has come back and its even worst now. Not only does it do it when on a bumpy road or hitting a hole, it does it when sitting in park turning the wheel back and forth. It all sounds to be coming from the drivers side to me but I dont know what to do since I changed the joints out. It also makes a loud and scary popping noise is a turn my wheel completly to one side when moving. HELP ME PLEASE.
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