1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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My headlights, dome light, and turn signals do not work. All other electrical functions are fine.
My grand marquis hesitate when hitting 33 miles per hour why?
Driver side
I cannot unlock or lock the doors automatically or manually. What is the problem and how can I fix it?
I just want to know which fuse to pull to temporarily solve the issue. Thank you.
this problem started in 2008 when the car wad repaired after an accident. nobody seems to be able to find the problem. they replaced fuses. my hazard lights work fine.
how do I recharge it
Some times the two lights will come on and will not go off until I turn the car off and back one.
gear shift lever feels "loose" could the shift cable be the problem? this is first time it has happened
is it the steering box or above the rag joint. steering gets better after libricating shaft,but only for awile.
Seems to crank fine with full tank of gas. Do you think it is the spark plugs--never been replaced? Idles fine and runs fine.
could it be the actuator blend door motor
Would this require major work, and if so, what would be the approximate cost to make major repairs? The "check engine light" stayed on continuously. Need cost of diagnosis plus cost of any possible major repairs....Thank you.
There was no cold air coming from the air conditioner.
the lights for all the above come on after the car is shut down. The lights don't come on right away.If I check my car in say ahalf hour or more I see all the above lights on,but their not as bright as if I turned them on.
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