1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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Compass reads 180 degrees out of phase. It tells me the direction behind me not the direction in front.
rear end dropped started car in 5min rear end up drove 20min lite on dash came on is leak fixable;appox cost
20min light comes on
I went to get rear hangers put on my car at ford dealership because exhaust was dragging. A day after the trac control light started coming on and making the car stall. When I would hit around 35-38 mph the light comes on and then the car seems to stall and stay at the same mph will not go any faster and I need help to figure out what could be causing this. I went to a shop to get it checked and was told It could be because of my weak battery. Is this possible? Help Please!
When I start my car it won't come out of park, it has an safety lock, I need help trying to get it out of park!
I put on a new intake manifold on my Grand Marquis GS 4.6 Litre, made sure the wires were right and cranked it up. The engine begins running rough after it has run for a few seconds. OBDII shows no codes after multiple tests. It feels like a cylinder is misfiring. Any ideas?
in the morning i go out and start my car. within a minute it start to idle down then back up then down it contiues this until its warm if i was to drive it before it warms up it would not idle down when i come to a stop. i would have to tap the gas.
when started runs fine at idle dies when put in gear when cold till warmed up no vacuum leaks have already replaced idle speed control valve no check engine light is on no codes at engine diagonstics
Is there a delay switch or fuse that causes this?
My speedometer, oil temp and battery voltometer are not working, fuel gauge is working fine. Fuse number 13 is blown, but radio, lights and indicators are working fine. Is it safe to drive the car?
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