1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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Started car fine to move and mow grass. After putting car in park letting it idle . A minute into idling the car cut completely off, no power,no lights no nothing. Battery is at 12.6. And I have power going in and out of the power supply distribution fuse/relay box.. what should I be checking next? Ignition or what.Please help
It never goes on when you start the car. The car is running fine aside from this problem.
or do I have to change wires and coil as well, what is the proper way to change the spark plug and what tools do I need for my 1999 grand marquis mercury
cant find any listings for sunroofs
Soon as I crank the car o/d like comes on and blinks
I'm put in a actuator
Because all that work besides the head lights.
My oil pressure gauge seems to be glitching or fluctuating. The needle will jiggle a bit and go from being normal in the middle to a little bit over the normal level. What could be the problem?
the outside temp is stuck on 127 degrees can it be fixed?
Cruise light on instrument panel does not come on
I was driving on the freeway about 75 miles an hour. I had a blow out speed start dropping. I changed the tire. The track control light keep binking off and on before I reach speed of 30mp so I went and got the tires rotated. Drove the car everything seems to be ok speed was up to 85 the track control came back on blinking so I pulled over gave the car gas and it went faster 80 speed then drops back down what's the problem question thank you oh I put it I had it on a machine all the codes came out clear .
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