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Every so often my engine light starts flashing and the code reads misfire on cylinder 4, I remove the spark plug wire boot and there's water all around it and inside it, I dry it off, take the spark plug out, turn the car over to clear the cylinder of the water that is falling down in the cylinder from taking the spark plug out, clean it, dry it, put it back in, put the boot back on, clear the code and it's back to normal until it gets water back in it somehow?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's whenever water gets in it
How long have you had this problem? A few months
Im changing oil & need to know how many quarts it well take
To see if senser is bad
Arm is always bobbing up & down when in gear getting faster as u go faster
Just wanting to know all the reasons a fuel pump reset trips. car would not start, so I changed fuel pump. but still wouldn't start. someone told me about reset in trunk. checked and it was tripped. I reset it and it started.just wanting to know if that could of happened from a bad fuel pump? Or did I waste my money on a pump?
Why does it happen in this vehicle is it electrical an transmission or what help please call me at 9282051979
I have blinkers, headlights and turn signals. Took it down the street and they called all junkyards for a compatible fuze box. No luck. They said I needed to take it to an electrical place. And have wires checked. This was 4 months ago. Last month for a brief 10 min tail lights came on, then off again. What should I do. Autozone and others are no help giving me info on what to do.
They say maybe oil filters in tha transmission
I started the car and idled about two minutes with the air condition running when I heard it blow out. I checked underneath the hood and the high pressure-side fitting had been blown apart at the condenser. Any ideas on why this happened and how to fix it?
Hello, I have a Mercury Grand Marguis 1997. I have been having an issue with my door locks working intermittently. When they top working, the key fob does not work, the switches on the door do not work and the remote trunk release won't work. I could get it to work sometimes by mashing the buttons on the door over and over. I found out last week that when I mess with my power seat buttons, (they haven't worked except randomly for over 10 years) that is when the power locks stop working. What part could be going out. The power windows still have power and the power side mirrors still work.

Thank you,
random speeds timing!
starts up . runs smooth!
Right after exterior and undercarriage car wash for this car, shortly after acquiring it.

Checked all the fuses under the dash, all were OK. Baffled at first, checked with place that was installing two new tires. Their theory was that my horn had fallen off, said it happened frequently in older cars, with potholes, etc.

Sounded fishy, went to my "real" mechanic. He popped the hood, and showed me a second fusebox under the hood, near the front of the engine compartment, on the passenger side. Went straight to one fuse, pulled it, and it was burned open.

Replaced it, everything was OK again.

Good think I knew enough not to have the tire shop install a new horn and then begin diagnosing the electrical system.

And a good thing I know the difference between an installer and a mechanic.

Understand what I am saying, and save yourself a lot of grief.


PS This symptom also fit having the clock spring in the steering wheel break. Almost went for that one, but wanted to be sure before spending forty or fifty bucks and tearing apart my steering wheel (with airbag inside). BTW, my mechanic didn't even charge me, since I am a regular customer for any serious repairs I need.

The other moral of this story is: check BOTH fuse boxes before going further.
I bought a car from a dealer that had a check engine light on. He told me it was a misfier and cleared it, but now it came on and mechanics are telling me it's something else (catalytic converter). I'd like to check if he was telling me the truth.
Car broke down few weeks ago at this time I had hazard lights brake lights turn signals CIG lighter worked .all of a sudden nothing . thank you only had for three months two previous owners appeared to car for the car
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