1996 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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There's a red wire gray with red line has me stuck don't know what connects to gray black two whites
Both hoses to the heater are hot but does not get through heater. Local ford ajency took me for a ride "*$800"with no results.Can it be fixed?
Chime location

Need to move down the street.
replaced fuel pump, relays, fuses, filter,Throttle positioning sensor,took all gas out put new in .when it dies sometimes it will start right back up and then Times you will run battery dead trying to start it then times let it sit for about 30 minutes then starts up shops here are clueless I need help to fix it it's all I have left to remember my mom it was her first car that she bought herself . O and it's showing any codes
and my break lights are not working I changed all my fuses and still nothing I brought the parts the auto shop said I needed just need to know how much it usually runs to get it fix
The right tire shakes more at a lower speed and steering wheel shakes
The Overdrive light has been coming on and off and random. I also just noticed the clutch fan is not rotating at speed with the motor. There is no tranny slippage, and the fluid is still very red tinted. Car has not over heated but has ran warmer than usual. Answers?
Car sit for 6-7 years what needs to be done before driving it?
Replaced fuel pump, filter and fuel pressure regulator. Replaced ignition, relays, crank sensor, battery. It will start with starting fluid but won't stay running. When I use a test light on the relay the relay clicks and the pump turns on. OBDII comes back ERR. This is really starting to get to me. I am going broke trying everything mechanics have told me to replace.

I have looked under the steering column and the button on the shifter will not go into the spot where it goes into park.
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