1995 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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The motor on this window was replaced a year ago and all I want to do for now is just get it up.
It won't turn over.
New fuel filter and pump
Or ran out of oil?
It blows hot air will not blow cold air
I lost my key and I need to find out where I can locate my pin to unlock my car doors
I'm trying to find the code to unlock my car by putting in the code on the driver door.
When I drive I got to drive with the steering wheel up side done for it to go string what could that be?
I've had problems getting my car started off and on over this past year. Had the battery replaced a few times, and was assured that it wasn't the alternator by my local Pep Boyz on multiple occasions. Just before my most recent visit I noticed a leak. The leak causes the coolant reservoir to completely drain. Also the leak empties out directly onto the starter solenoid. Unfortunately the boys at Pep Boys had nothing to say about the leak which I made sure to tell them about. Any fixes y'all know of?
the interior lights and ding was working fine, when abs light went off car started fine.
p0402 code all tests of dpfe and selenoid are good only vacuum valve does not significantly effect idle when vacuum is applied
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