1994 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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they will blink and then stop and start back up again.
Both work just not LIKE THEY SHOULD
It acts like it goes into neutral and back to drive no noise but just the loss of movement. It will happen every few min that I'm driving. It is now doing it more frequently.
Not losing engine power
I've been trying to remove the ignition tumbler for a hours n it won't budge
every day all day but is full of uoil would this be a vacuum leak
When I'm riding down the road it will start Fallin on its face....Coms out of it after a bit or I hav to turn off and restart the car
My car while driving the headlights go out and it feels like the car is going to cut off.... when sitting still does the same thing but I turned it off and the headlights went bright but now my car won't start.... the battery clicks but that's it.... everything still cuts on except the actual car.... what could it be
When I crank my car it runs fine when I put it in reverse it shuts off when I put it in drive it goes not so sure what's going on
the transmission is slipping anyway at times but worse wh en we use the a/c
The intake manifold on my 1994 grand marquise is steal can it be replaced with a plastic one
So recently I bought a used car from a dealership outright. When I first bought it, there were some problems and they thought it was due to a dead battery which would have made a ton of sense. About a week later, it didn't want to start and I was told it was not getting enough fuel and I needed to have a fuel flush or whatever so I had that done and replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pump relay. Recently, my car didn't want to start again. My battery is completely drained and it won't hold a charge and I just bought this battery. If i open the door, a clicking sound comes and it doesn't make the usual beep. I replaced te battery and tried jump starting it and even made sure I had gas in it. The alternator isn't bad since I had that checked at my local autozone and napa. I don't know what to do. I'm at my wits end trying to figure this issue out.
Interior lights turn off when brakes are applied
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