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I used a trans 1997 transmission out of a Mercury GrandMarquis and I put it in my 1993 Grand Marquis but the 1997 transmission has a wired connection and the 93 did not what do I need to do and also I used the 1997 Grand Grand Marquis computer
There is supposed to be oil shooting up under the valve pan and it isn't
My boyfriends a mechanic, but is at work, and i want answers now. While driving i smelled a burning smell of rubber, and noticed the way the car was driving, felt bumpy. I pulled into a quick shop, and checked, the tire was scorching hot. So i jacked car up and removed tire, and put my spare on. When i got home, i noticed that this tire too, is hot and smells of burnt rubber. What the heck could be going on? Thanks! And dont give me stupid answers.
when stop in drive or park it shakes some
Ok so I have picked up this weird problem. The car has 68,000 miles on it, today the front right brake caliper locked up and is pulling the car to the right side. It doesn't matter if you press the brake or not its dead locked to the rotor. From what I can tell it's only that side (front right.) I would like to know what would cause that to happen to such a low milage car! I'm in the process of restoring it and any help would be great. Thanks!
but not much. Blower works fine. one hose gets hot, other one cold.
I no its in the dashboard but don't no where it at.
red brake warning comes on in dash every so often
The car wants to idle fast even after the car warms up and you take off and drive the car. It wants to run rough going down the road. It wants to idle fast when you slow down and park the car. They are telling me it just runs at high idle all time and they think they smell it getting hot. If anyone has any ideals what this could possible be i appreciate it. I work on cars but i never heard a car doing this. The customer called me yesterday and wants me to fix it for them. Any ideals? Thanks!
into heatercore.
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