1991 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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The oil light comes on ehen I stop but comes off as the car starts moving
What can that be
How can a person check this problem out?
The motor was making a noise when it use to work,once it quit working then it did again, but now nothing.
body pleunm gasket,radiator, spark plugs and throttle position sensor and car wont start. it acts like it wants to start but doesent. what could be the problem?
no power fuse seems to be good i disconnected main wire to seat that come out of floor no power and also my air bag light wont quit flashing
Need to find out if motor is blown or cracked block or maybe just blown head gasket
I have failed every year. My car is too old for a diagnostic so how am I to know if the repair person is really fixing the issue or just adjusting it to pass.
The drivers side seat is in a forward position, any suggestions to move the seat without replacing the whole thing? Is it easy to replace the motor if needed?
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