1990 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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water and debris in oil, white smoke, runs a short distance but overheats and shuts down, when strating sometimes it sounds as if its a slow start
I changed the thermostat on my 1990 mercury grand marquis and now it wont start. Turns over but wont start. Any help please!
changed fuel pump filter, egr. tps, idle air control, and ignition module
I drove my car home from work was fine an hour later wouldnt start. I changed ignition switch, solenoid, coil, cut out wires with cracked insulation got power to coil but no spark coming out thats y i changed coil. wires in harness to module under dist. Cap were bare and touching so i checked fuses too
1977 mercury grand marquis
Timing is right on. won't fire at all.
when i shift from 3rd to 4th(overdrive) tran slips like putting in neutral. i can start off in 4th but when i reach about 45mpg trans slips and i need to put back in 3rd. i have 89 merc grand marquis. ron56
Stalling or straining when driving. I heard a backfire once but haven't heard it since. I noticed I have a oil leak in my valve cover gasket. What could be causing it to not drive properly? Also I hear a whining sound every once in a while. It also drives in reverse with no hesitation.
Started today. Car has been running great. Dim lights. Does nothing when key turned.
Tried disconnecting battery & it still wouldn't shut off
The sensor is severly rusted in and refuses to come out.
Car has not been driven five minutes or more. Need to constantly place water in radiator. Check oil no oil needed. Notice some type of oil leak after car has been parked in a particular spot for over 10 mins.
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