2001 Mercury Cougar Questions

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The transmission will go in 1st gear and reverse and will select drive but just rolls? any ideas?
I need to know torque specs. and sequence for 2.5 v6
when i rev up the engine and let off the gas pedal real quick it dies. otherwise it seems to run okay.
My C.E.L. is on and I need new brakes, tires, struts and maybe a mass air flow sensor or an 02 sensor. where is the best place to take the car for a good price and a good job?
Does the entire engine need to be removed?
Last night I was driving and hit a pot hole or a bump, when I went to brake my car was wobbling a little bit after that it did okay when i was leaving my house today it made a cranking noise when i turned the wheel then made a weird cranking noise and stopped moving i shut the car off then turned it back on and the same thing happened, I put it in reverse and pulled it back in my spot luckily i was on a hill so it rolled back into place i shut my car off and popped the hood, then the car by itself started rolling backwards luckily i hopped in the drivers seat and pulled the emergency brake in toime befpre it hit my dads truck, does anybody have any ideas as to what it is?
what is the approximate cost of new brake pads for 2001 mercury cougar?
The Tachometer stays at about 3100 and does not move an inch, until I turn off the car. I assume it is just stuck, since the engine is not idling high. What would make it stick?
2001 Mercury Cougar 4CYL 2.0L - Already changed the thermostat and gasket but still have a leak, I think it may be the thermostat housing. Do I have to go to the dealership to to get a new one or do they carry them at an auto parts store? How easy is it to change? I think I saw 2 bolts holding the old one in, is that all I need in order to switch them out?
I have replaced the ignition coil, cams shaft senor and crank shaft sensor. It tries to crank but will not turn over.
I replaced the TSS sensor and engine speed control sensor check engine light went out but when i put in gear car wont move till i rev it to 3 or 4 grand. ABS and O/D lights flash on dash. A PCV valve hose is leaking and clogged bad. Would that affect the ABS System?
Recently did complete tune-up, incl. motor craft plugs, wires, pcv valve, intake gasket. car runs great when a/c is off. When A/c is turned on, however, engine skips and misfires. Car has 5-speed transmission. I would appreciate any ideas. No codes or check engine light present.
replaced battery alternator mega fuse on firewall still not charging. took alt back off took to check it is ok.
Where do I put power steering fluid in? I don't know where the hole is for it under the hood.
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