2001 Mercury Cougar Questions

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Misfire / choking - worse when I have foot on gas peddle; if over 45-50 better
Never worked since replacing belt.
the unit clicks when operated and returns when the steering wheel is straight but no blinking lights
Mechanic mentioned an interlock. Is this an electrical problem?
my check engine lite comes on intermittenly, codes show possible plugged EGR
turn signal comes on when activated but only flashes intermittenly, stops completely at times
Thought fuel pump bad but it is fine. Problem appears to be electrical in nature. It cranks but does not fine. fuel is getting to the engine
The car will start and run fine. But when i went to take it out of park. and start to drive, it wont move at all. Now i have no problem shifting from park, reverse, neutral, drive, 2nd and 1st. The only gear the car will move in is in reverse! I checked the fluid level and it was actually low , and it doesn't smell burnt on the dip stick. Also I've add two quarts of tranny fluid in it and i still cant get the car to move forward at all. I bought the car as is for really nothing but dont really want to put alot of money into the car either. What should i be seeking out first cause i dont know where to start at all. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
sounds like rear suspension if loose, (checked is not loose).
anyone know where the pcv valve is located on a 2001 cougar 2L engine

I already checked all the fuses and the battery and alternator, everything is good. I also placed it on the computer and no codes are coming up. Anyone know what is wrong?
Tires are good, thought it was sway bar but that's fine, it does this on dry roads as well as wet.
When I drive it seems like a roaring noise is coming from the tires and the guy I bought it from said it could be easily fixed by replacing the brake drum ..would that fix it or is that not even what's wrong with it?
I have a loud wobble sound coming from my right side.
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