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Manual transmission will shift through all gears easily but will not move at all just rev up. What could be the problem in your opinion and also if possible could you give an estimate of about the cost for parts and how long will take to fix.

Thank you so much I appreciate it a lot
I have had a bunch of work done to my car and not for sure if they forgot something. When I hit the accelerator it has a raw grounding sound but if I am on cruise you can't hear it. When I down shift you can hear the same sound. It's like a dry set of bearings or dry area that needs to be greased.
I was driven my car to work amd then all at onces it started smoken white under the hood and died then i came back for it after i got off wrk and it crunk up but i only got about 3 miles down the road and it did it again and wouldnt start again what could be causen this problem
When I push the unlock button on the door or the fob it unlocks and then locks back. And then when opening the door is almost like the wire inside is too long but it's never been replaced, can it get stretched out?
I've noticed a rather loud clicking noise coming from both the passenger and driver side. It sounds like it is either coming from the door or under the dash. Noise persists when radio is off. It seems to cease once I go around 50mph. The sound is random, woth no particular pattern. No warning lights are on. It sounds like it may be something electrical. What could this be?
Brand new spark plugs and spark plug wires. No weird sounds. No security issues.
Tried to shift into reverse, but won't shift back to reverse or park from neutral
I bought my car about a year ago. Ran great until one day heading home everything lost power and it died. Got new battery and alternator. Six months later, here we are again. Last time though, it died and I couldn't restart it period. Today, battery light came on, everything dimmed, pulled up to a stoplight and it died. 5 minutes later it restarted and drove it 2 miles and it did it again. Because I can restart it, i'm hoping its not the alternator? HELP?!?!?!
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